Creative West End wants to fund projects that will make a visible impact in the environment,  improve public spaces and perceptions of the area. In doing so we hope the projects will contribute to an improved sense of place; with each project adding to the physical, social and/or cultural experience of the neighbourhood. It is felt that this in turn will help improve morale across the community and for visitors alike, whilst working to change perceptions about the area and building a strong sense of place through creativity.


It is important that the community is involved as much as possible in all aspects of Creative West End and associated projects to ensure wide participation and engagement to build community ownership and a legacy that lives on through people involved in projects.


‘Perception and Place’ was the key emerging theme and priority for our project delivery and will determine how we will invest in projects and proposals to create long lasting meaningful change in our area through art and creativity. This was informed by numerous consultations and engagements and will be guided and overseen by our Creative West End board made up of local people, local arts organisations and artists who each share the desire to put the community and creativity at the heart of Creative West End.  

We recommend you view our Project Proposal Guidance or download a PDF printable version before applying to give you the best chance of success. PLEASE NOTE: Our systems, policies and procedures are subject to a review period and may change.

current opportunities

We currently have 3 live project briefs open:

Eco Projects
Call for artists, makers and creatives wanting to work with the community on Eco inspired project ideas.

In light of the Covid-19 Corona Virus pandemic we welcome proposals in mind that there there must be flexibility in terms of timescales for delivery and that projects will run when things go back to normal. The project will still be expected to launch at the Creative West End Eco-themed Market so please consider this and outline this in your proposal. 
DEADLINE for proposals: Sunday 31st 
May | 12pm

Virtual Projects Open Call

In response to the Covid-19 Corona Virus pandemic we invite artists and creatives to submit project ideas for 'How to' creative videos and downloadable step-by-step guides to encourage people to get creative during this challenging time. We intend to culminate these submissions into an online archive and Creative West End activity book showcasing artists from across the district.
If you have an idea for a larger, stand alone virtual project please contact our Project Co-ordinator to discuss this further: jo@theexchangecic.co.uk

DEADLINE for proposals: Monday 18th May | 12pm 

Voting Tool Commission Opportunity
Call for artists, makers and creatives to imagine, design and create a finished interactive and engaging voting tool that can be adapted for a range of topics whether that's voting on a place to visit, a project idea or giving feedback to help evaluate our work.

DEADLINE for proposals: Sunday 31st May | 12pm

ECO projects

Call for Eco inspired projects proposals.

Voting tool

Call for artists and creatives to imagine, design and create an interactive, creative voting tool to engage with the community and support our activities.

Virtual projects

We have generated a number of new projects to get involved with in response to Covid-19 as well as 'Virtual Project Briefs' inviting artists to work with us to generate more creative opportunities in these challenging times.

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