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10 ways to be more sustainable for FREE

10 ways to be more sustainable for FREE

Sustainability is something we should all be aware of and try our best to take care of. But sometimes it can be tricky to know where to start and can seem more expensive! There are so many ways to be more sustainable for FREE and here’s how:

1 Recycle!

Every two weeks the council come and collect your recycling. Make sure you check everything before throwing it away if it can be recycled! Here’s a simple list of what can be recycled and what can’t:

2 Put more layers on!

Before you decide to turn the heating up put an extra layer on, like a jumper or some socks!! It does wonders for the environment and your electricity bill!!

3 Switch off!

Yes, standby still means on! If you switch off all of your electronics at the socket you will save a lot of electricity! AND… turn off your lights when you leave a room!

4 Learn basic sewing skills!

Learning how to sew a simple button on, or a patch, or fix a seam you will save so much money having to buy new clothes and better yet save your clothes from ending up in landfill! Here’s a quick basic sewing skill tutorial:

5 Go paperless! Many banks etc. have the option to opt out of receiving paper and instead go for a digital copy instead. Less waste = Less pollution.

6 Start composting!

It reduces landfill waste and creates really nutritious soil! Here’s a tutorial of how to start:

7 Use less water!

Take a shower instead of a bath, turn your water off whilst brushing your teeth, use a dishwasher instead of handwashing (if you have one)! Just some simple ways to reduce your water usage!

8 Try going vegetarian!

Even if you have one meatless meal a week it makes a huge difference to the pollution the meat industry causes.

9 Go chemical free! You can make your own natural cleaning products without the use of chemicals! Here’s how:

10 Use what you already have!

Think about every purchase before buying it on an impulse and consider the things you already own! Most of the time, you’ll have something that is suitable!

These are 10 simple, free ways to be more sustainable. Even if you can choose one of them and make the change in your lifestyle you are a part of a huge community that wants to make the planet a better place!

Blog By Amy Joanne Kohl

Amy Joanne Kohl is the founder of KOHR a sustainable slow fashion brand. Amy is a Fashion Designer with a vision for a better industry.

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