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Visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

It was Tuesday 22nd February and the wind was fierce and the rain came down fast. Weather warnings had passed after a week full of storms so we grabbed our rain coats, packed lunches, wellies and headed to our meeting point. We wondered if people would change their minds and stay home. But the gatherings of local folk huddled in the various doorways of More Music grew and grew until we had a full list of people signed up.

At 9.05am the coach arrived and we made a final pick up at the Lancaster Park and Ride before heading across the moors to the sculpture park. The landscape opened up and as we left Lancashire crossing into Yorkshire the sun broke through the clouds and a constant stream of steady chatter made the journey pass quickly. We knew we were in for a great day.

We arrived in good time at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, had a quick lunch and refreshement break before getting a hold of our bearings and gradually decending towards our meeting point to meet with Heather at her latest artwork. We've kept in touch since she hosted an Inspiration and Learning session with our network back in September 2020.

Creative West End will be working with Heather over the year ahead. What better place to start than meeting at her artwork!

'Silence - Alone in a World of Wounds' is a pavillion-style sculpture commission at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park built entirely from natural materials. The sculpture provides the opportunity for visitors to stop and connect with the natural surroundings and a variety of events, performances and happenings are planned to take place in the artwork. Over time the artwork will be reclaimed by nature as the weather contributes to its decompisition and becomes a new habitat for wildlife.

Heather shared 3 books with us that played a key role in developing the artwork.




But of course there was so much more to see and we realise we just didnt have enough time to explore the huge 500 acre site and all agreed we'd love to go back again soon!

It reconnected me with a part of myself that has had to hold its breath and it reminded me that this kind of experience is a necessity for health, not a luxury.

Interesting variety! by Nick Dodd

To be moved to stillness like a wheel inside a wheel. Unit structures, what's this place? A donut eco friendly talker in touch with mother earth and flat on the ground where birch trees reach for the sky. Prefers to spit out words of wisdom. Creative west end. The city and the sea shouldn't dampen our creativity. Contrast is the name of the day between belly skin sliced open revealing foetus and low lying stumps charred to the bone. Polio girl propped up by crowbar from behind rudely against her open box and spilled coins. Monstrous marvels in marble from effects magician overlooking lake of ducks and rippling cloud reflection through symphony of sunshine. Non sculptures mistaken for sculptures, sculptures mistaken for pieces of life. Niki De Saint Phalle in full lotus and technicolour genderless bliss. Henry Moore more hit and miss..

Photos by Nick Dodd:

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