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Creative West End is an open, growing network of local residents, artists and organisations working together to use creativity for good. We welcome all those that share our values and mission to join us.


In 2018 the Good Things Collective (formerly The Exchange Creative Community CIC) and West End Morecambe Big Local began working together to lead an application to the Creative Civic Change programme with the hope to harness and develop the increasing abundance of community-led creative activity in the area. Rooted in the notion of 'Collaboration over Competition'.

MISSION Statement


We will use kindness and creativity to widen the opportunities that are available locally through inclusive, sustainable and meaningful projects that enhance people’s lives. Our programme delivery will have both creativity and our community at its heart.



Our Plan

In our consultation process, we ran a range of events consulting with local people to inform the development of our plan. The following key project areas came to light:

1. Perception & Place

Supporting a range of community-led and inspired Creative Projects

Our community felt it was important to see improvement in how people perceive the West End. Through creative projects we hope to change how it looks and feels as you spend time here.


Developing a collaboratively run creative, community Market

A strong theme from feedback was that people want the West End to be known as a place where people feel valued and included. And for it to become a place where people work together for greater good.

2. Inspiration & Learning

Establishing the Creative West End Network and learning opportunities

People identified that visits to other places, chances to see and do new things and opportunities to learn new knowledge and skills were important. Significantly so in a collaborative way so we can share our experiences and build a supportive network together.

4. Infrastructure & Sustainability

Investing in creation of a community hub in the former Coop Department store on Regent Road

We feel that our community deserve to know that this money, their money and their time is well spent. So we're looking to support projects and ideas that will help to create long term possibilities and opportunities. Things that will carry on once this funding runs out. We have pledged £50,000 to help set up a new creative, community hub in the West End former Coop department store, to be run by the Good Things Collective CIC to provide a much needed inclusive and accessible creative infrastructure for the area.

Our Plan

partner Organisations

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The Good Things Collective is a community-driven creative hub; focussed on working together as a community, to secure the necessary skills, stuff and space that our community needs to thrive.

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West End Morecambe – Big Local (WEM) is a resident-led community partnership working to help improve the West End area of Morecambe through tackling issues which affect the area and working with others to provide a voice for the local community.

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More Music is a music and education charity based in the West End of Morecambe, with over 25 years of experience delivering workshops, training, performances and festivals across the district, region and beyond.

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We improve communities by bringing people together and supporting voluntary, community, faith, and social enterprise sector organisations.

Partner Organisations

Credits and Acknowledgments

We would also like to give thanks to the following local organisations who have played an active role in shaping Creative West End:

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