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Creative collaboration in our community.



In 2018 The Exchange Creative Community CIC and West End Million began working together to lead an application to the Creative Civic Change programme with the hope to utilise the programme to harness and develop the increasing abundance of community-led creative activity in the area. Rooted in the notion of 'Collaboration over Competition' and that we are much greater than the sum of our parts.

This saw an initial working group form comprising of representatives from each partner, More Music, Film Morecambe, and local residents and informed by wider feedback from other local creative partners. Creative West End was born and collectively we created a programme with 4 core areas:


Perception & place

Our community felt it was important to see improvements in how people perceive the West End. Also, how it looks, feels and smells as you spend time here.


Inclusivity & Collaboration

A strong theme from feedback was that people want the West End to be known as a place where people are feel valued and included. Also for it to become a place where people work together.


Inspiration & Learning

People identified that visits to other places, chances to see and do new things and opportunities to learn new knowledge and skills were important. This will help us to do more and better.


Infrastructure & Sustainability

Our community deserve to know that this money, their money and their time are well spent. So we're looking to support projects and ideas that will help to create long term possibilities and opportunities. Things that can carry on once this funding runs out.

Mission / Value Statement:

We will use kindness and creativity to widen the opportunities that are available locally through inclusive, sustainable and meaningful projects that enhance people’s lives. Our programme delivery will have both creativity and our community at its heart.


What activities will we be funding over the next three years?


Inline with our values and the criteria of the Creative Civic Change funding, work supported by this project has to be clearly community-led. These activities all scores highly in consultation as we developed our plan, and many can be evidenced before we started this project so we made sure they were included.


Creative West End Network & Platform 

Creative West End Market 


Creative Hub 


Creative Projects