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Market Terms and Conditions


Please check your answers before submitting your form especially your contact details.


Completion of this form enters you into our pitch application process. Event organisers use the details provided to consider each application based on the appropriateness of the products, quality, price point, overall balance of the traders we book and relevance to the theme.

All applicants will receive an email regarding their pitch application within 2 weeks of submission.
Please allow the full 2 weeks before contacting us regarding the success of your application.
A successful application is not confirmed until you have received a confirmation e-mail from us with your invoice.

Booking applications are only final once we have received full payment and a completed booking form with all required details.

General Pitch Terms

1. Trading hours are from 11am until 4pm. Traders must agree to stay open for the full term of these hours. Pitch holders who close early are affecting the overall aesthetic and experience for the festival audience and as a result may be refused bookings at future events. Pitches should be attended throughout the day and supervised by an adult.

2. Set up time is from 8am on each day of trading unless otherwise stated - please check upto date event guidance & FAQ's. 

3. Pitches are a standard size of 3m x 3m. Double pitches may be requested if your pitch does not fit into these dimensions - but will attract an extra charge. Please select a double pitch if this applies.  Gazebo pitches are the same size, but have the option of booking a half stall.  Table top tent will provide a 6 foot table in a shared tent with other early stage traders.

4. Please provide your own power if necessary.

5. Parking is available in nearby public car parks however is NOT provided by the market organisers free of charge. We will advise of parking locations which will be approx. 5 minutes walk from your allocated pitch.

6. Suggested toilet facilities will be available within 1/2 minutes walk from your allocated pitch.

7. Pitches will be considered on a first come first served basis, however market organisers reserve the right to decline your booking to ensure a varied selection of offerings of high quality for our visitors. The organisers decision is final.

8. Locations within the market footprint will be communicated to the traders 2 days prior to the event. 

Payment Terms

1. Market organisers will contact you by email to confirm in advance of the event with an invoice for the full amount. The invoice must be paid in full within 30 days of receipt or no later than 14 days prior to the market to reserve your pitch.
2. The invoice must be paid in full and within specified payment terms prior to the event in order to be given access to the festival site for trading.
3. In the event that traders do not meet these payment terms and time frames, pitch spaces will be offered to the reserve list.
3. Payment must be made by BACS - details are provided on your invoice. An invoice will be sent by email to successful applicants only.
4. Cancellations: Booking fees are not refundable.  In exceptional circumstances, we will consider postponing a booking until a future market as long as we are able to fill your spot, and have availability at future events.
5. In the event of the cancellation of the market due to bad weather, force majeure or issues beyond the organisers control on event days, no refunds will be made. Traders are advised to provide their own insurance policy for the eventuality of event cancellation.
6. Traders who do not provide all the required documentation will not be permitted to trade and no refunds will be given.

Trader Responsibilities

1. Traders must use provide a 6 foot table and required chairs. This must be a suitable table and not a pasting table. If you require a table and chair, then please discuss this with the market organisers. There will be a small hire charge for this.
2. Traders must have a minimum of £5m public liability insurance. Copies of the insurance certificate must be provided in advance to the festival organisers. If you do not have insurance, please notify the market organisers who may be able to help. There will be a small hire charge for this.
3. Traders must abide by the market risk assessment. Traders should consider their food hygiene, labelling and production methods prior to the event; and their pitch safety and staff working practices. Any contravention of health and safety will result in removal of the trader from the market and refusal to participate in any future event.
8. Food traders must provide a health & hygiene rating of 4 or 5 stars and certificate for their business and their operating staff in advance to the market organisers.
9. Traders are responsible for providing PAT certificates for all electrical equipment in advance to the festival organisers.
10. Traders are responsible for removing their own rubbish after the event.
11. All food traders are responsible for ensuring they adhere to Food Safety & Hygiene guidelines.
12. Traders must provide all copies of documentation outlined in the above point to the market organiser a full 14 days prior to the event. Traders will not be allowed to trade without all certificates presented in advance. 


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