Market Terms and Conditions

By attending our market events you are confirming you agree with the following Market terms and conditions which have been put together to protect you, your business and your visitors.

We promise to create an enjoyable, well organised and presented market which is promoted on social media, local press and radio where possible.  We ask in return that you would abide by our terms and conditions  so everyone can have a safe and happy day.

On Arrival

After we have confirmed you have been successful in your application, set up will be 2 hours before the published market opening times.
All details will have been sent to you prior to this date.  

Please, for safety reasons, do not arrive earlier than your allotted time.

Upon arrival please find the Market Co-ordinator or your sectional team leader to locate your stall position.

There are loading bays and parking is available close to the site.

Free parking in the area will be indicated in your set up pack.

Creative West End cannot be responsible if you park in undesignated zones and receive a parking ticket.


We ask that you do not set down earlier than the allocated times.

Please pack up your stall before getting your car.

Please allow time as this will be a busy time and you may have to wait to park safely.

Please ensure that everything is clean and tidy in your space before you leave.


You must have current Public Liability Insurance and Employment Liability if you employ staff.

You must have documents at hand on the day.

We will supply you with a risk assessment form based on the ‘Am I Safe?’ criteria, to help think about trip hazards, safety of the stall etc. This is for your customers and your wellbeing.

Please complete the Risk Assessment form at least 10mins before market commences and please be aware, on the day, of any changes, which may be of risk to you or the public.

All traders must conform to current legislation for consumer sales in the UK.

It is your responsibility as well as ours to report any unsafe or dangerous behaviour.


We do not allow stalls with:

A political or religious bias

We avoid excessive use of plastics. and the following are not permitted :

  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia

  • Real fur or products from endangered species

  • Dangerous weapons

  • Fireworks

  • Pornographic material

  • Fake or misleading goods

  • Aggressive behaviour

We aim to work in a respectful environment.

Our Market Co-ordinator/s are  in place to ensure the safe management of the market.

If there are problems on the day - please contact them using the contact number they have provided you with.

The layout will be organised by the Co-ordinator and no changes can be made on the day.

We will provide tables for indoor markets.

For outdoor markters you will need a table which is 6ft and no wider than 2ft.

Pasting tables are not permitted.


You are paying for: - 

a single 6ft stall space, with a 2ft gap each side.

If additional space is required, please discuss this with the Market Co-ordinator before the event but be aware this may incur an additional charge.

Stalls should be well presented with clear price labelling.

Cloths must be pinned back and cover all external sides of the table.

All stalls must be presentable 20 minutes before opening to allow time to complete your risk assessment before trading commences.

The stall must pass the risk assessment criteria and all shelving should be appropriately fixed.

All boxes must be under the table out of view.

No smoking or vaping is allowed behind the stalls.

No under 16’s behind stalls. 

Food stalls

You must have your food hygiene certificate in view at all times.

All food must be protected to abide with food hygiene regulations.

You must abide by guidelines for packaging weights and measures.

You should display signs and provide food allergy information on request.

Booking Confirmation

We will always contact you to confirm your place at the market, completion of the application form does not guarantee you a place at the market. We will contact you to confirm and arrange payment of the booking fee to complete your reservation.


Please be reminded - due to the success of previous markets we expect there to be a lot of interest and we apologise in advance if we are not able to accommodate you this time. Priority will be given to local people and a diversity of traders. There will be plenty of future events so please join the mailing list to be keep in touch.