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Book exchange Project

The Creative West End Book Exchange Project originally started as a pilot project at the Creative West End launch event as part of our creative west end programme of activity. We traded books for your words, and we have now brought this online so you can do this at home! 


Eventually we will turn this into a book, which we will eventually share with you and our wider community. 

Perhaps writing not for you? Don't worry you can illustrate instead - whether that's through paint, collage, drawing, photography whatever creative output strikes. You could choose someones writing from those featured below and create something inspired by it or find a quote that inspires you. How's that for a creative exchange!

Everyone is welcome to join in and be a part of Creative West End! Get the whole family involved in this project and let us know who you are. Doing this will allow us to share with others who we are as a community. We have had over 100 amazing submissions so far, from toddlers all the way through to great grandparents. 

Some things you could write:

-          Anything you like!


It could be...

-          What is important to you

-          What you like about Morecambe and/or the West End

-          A story

-          A poem

-          About who you are or what you like to do

-          What community means to you

-          Who your favourite author is

-          What you did for world book day

-          What stories mean to you or why they are important

-          Who inspires you, or any quotes that mean something to you

You can send your words and/or illustration using the form below:


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