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Creative West End  -Colouring FOR Well Being

As part of a series of exciting projects currently being developed, Creative West End is pleased to be able to announce ‘The West End Colouring Book Of Well Being’. 


We are inviting people to submit designs for the pages to be included in this book.  A simple single line black or felt pen drawing. The subject matter is up to you – you might, for instance, wish to choose a familiar scene from the West End of Morecambe or capture a part of the local flora and fauna – perhaps your imagination might supply some fantastical idea.  Nor are we confining you to any one style – figurative, abstract, surreal:  the choice is yours.


Each coloured in page will inevitably become a unique work of art which may be kept in the book or separately framed.   Once we have selected which designs to use, we will arrange the printing so that, after the current restrictions are lifted, the book can be published.

We know people are struggling in lots of ways so we hope this will give you a fun challenge at the same time as some practical support.  The first 100 West End residents to submit their design will be offered a £25 voucher to be spent at Aldi.  All designs that are selected for the finished colouring book will receive an additional £25 voucher and a complimentary copy of the colouring book once printed.  It is our hope that this lovingly created book will help provide a source of relaxation and enjoyment locally once it's finished.

Spring is not cancelled by Emma Wareing

Local artist Emma Wareing created this beautiful drawing using pyrography which we have turned into a black and white colouring book design.

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