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At Eco Explorers Morecambe we’re worried about climate and ecological changes – like the extreme weather we have experienced this year. We are building a resource to encourage West End families to explore local beaches and respond creatively to the local environment through making, drawing, painting and writing. We’d like to hear your voices and if you’re worried too!
We are building a free store of quizzes, mystery objects to find and seaside places to explore. We want children and adults to send us photographs of what they have found and made. Help us fill a West End Gallery of the Beach, displaying the magical world you find on the doorstep and sharing the things you make, draw, paint or write about.

We are starting with a website and an email address, but will add Facebook and
Instagram as we develop, so look out for new ways to contact us! 

We hope that people will use our leaflet below and our website to look closely at the beaches we take for granted, to search under stones and in the debris which washes up. We are worried by how the climate emergency is changing the natural world around us and threatens Morecambe’s beauty and people’s livelihoods. Perhaps by children and adults sharing creatively we will all be more likely to reduce our impact on the environment and influence decision makers?

How you can get involved: 

  • Try the activities in the leaflet below and send in your beach finds, and what you have made, from a picture of seaweed to a poster in your window telling people what you think about rubbish in the sea.

  • Keep an eye on this Creative West End website as we add new activities and tell us what you like, and don’t like.

  • Keep sending the photos!

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Contact details:

Post or drop: The Restore (CO / Eco Explorers Morecambe), 71 Yorkshire St, LA3 1QF

Tell us your postcode, how many of you went exploring and your age(s), and we’ll put you into a
prize draw.


You could try building a water world or drawing a self-portrait?

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Eco ex web vectors-01.png

Click to download:

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