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The Roving Reporter: Krystianna's Caring Crystals

Krystianna has a beautiful stall, teeming with tempting trinkets.

I ask the stallholder whether she would be prepared to allow me to interview her using social media and I was fortunate enough to be given permission to do so.

How long have you been making and selling jewellery?

"It's actually only a fairly recent hobby that myself and my young daughters have started to do since 2021. In 2020 Covid and the lockdowns hit everyone hard and like many I felt my mental health suffer immensely. During the struggles I researched and looked into holistic ideas to try and help my own personal struggle and bought myself some semi prescious crystal's and crystal jewelry in the hope that thier healing properties would somewhat help to balance me and my children. In time I felt that they did help...and thus I ventured into the idea and actuality of doing what we do in aid to try and support others also."

What do you love about it?

"Creating pieces of jewelry and gift items is fun and therapeutic. I love seeing what looks nice together or my daughter's ideas and creations. I enjoy trying wire wrapping around crystal tumble stones or large beads and cabochons. My eldest daughter lives making things and last year she had a stall at her school summer fayre and she was super proud when people liked her stuff and bought things she had made. I love it when I get asked to do custom orders and make unique pieces. It's a hobby that me and my girls enjoy when we get the time to create things. I like making interesting, pretty things with healing and spiritual meaning."

Where do you source your equipment?

"Over these years I have sourced my materials from lots of different reputable sellers in crystal and holistic therapies and small businesses. I have 1 great link who goes to Goa every year and he has a team over there 0and they go out sourcing crystals and he goes with them. He has some great expertise and stories. I sent him some cabochons and he took them to Goa last year and his team did the silversmithing for me. They are stunning. I will have to show you when I get chance."

Which piece or pieces of work are you most proud of?

"Here is one of my sterling silver pieces that he assisted in making. I am extremely proud of this piece."

Do you make everything that you sell?

"No, we don't make everything. Elasticated bracelets are fiddly and hard to finish as well as to tie without the finished knot showing. So I get them from someone else. I will send images of things we have made ourselves. One of my favourite links is the guy who travels to Goa and back each year. He is very holistic, spiritual and knowledgeable."

How did you get involved with Creative West End's More Than A Market?

"A neighbour told us about it as she stands stalls during autumn and winter."

It was an absolute pleasure to interview Kristianna and I am delighted with the goods I purchased from her stall. It will be exciting to watch her stall develop over the coming months and I look forward to interviewing her again.

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