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Community Virtual Reality Project - Keep On by Jessie Holmes & Ash Murphy

Blog by Jessie Holmes Join us at the Creative West End network event on 12th July as we invite you to be part of a 360 degree music video in collaboration with More Music.

Ash Murphy and I (Jessie Holmes) have been collaborating since February to create a CGI music video for the West End anthem 'Keep On'; by Ash's band Murphy.

Designed to showcase our local community the video hosts lots of Morecambe landmarks- the West End pier, the lighthouse, the Polo Tower and the Eden project amongst others, but we're also keen to include all of you!

We're inviting each of you to be filmed for 10 seconds against a green screen at the event showcasing your fun talents - it could be riding a unicycle, juggling, performing your poetry or your best bad dad dancing, whatever you would like to do!

We'll be running this in conjunction with Magenta Monacle's Magical Masquerade so there will be props and costumes available for you to dress up too!

There will also be an opportunity to view part of the film and to hear about how the work was

created through the artists involved.

The videos of you will then be included in the final scenes of the film, which will be available to experience at August's market and eventually hosted on Youtube/ Vimeo for all to see.

Taster images from the music video:

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