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Creative Civic Change Influencing Workshops

With a year left of the Creative Civic Change (CCC) programme, there are new opportunities to connect with other CCC areas and come together to explore ideas about how we can make some noise about the amazing creative work happening at a local level led by the people that live there.

Creative West End is one of 15 areas and community led projects nationally. You can see the other CCC Areas via this interactive map:

The CCC funding partners hope to collectively demonstrate that resident-led creativity should be at the heart of any strategy to make communities thrive. They want to work with other communities, arts funders, community funders, the arts sector, and policymakers to develop best practice when it comes to community arts.

The CCC programme influencing goals are:

  1. CCC communities develop local and regional influence to help them achieve their goals and build legacy for their projects.

  2. The CCC programme influences artists and arts organisations to embrace approaches that give more power to communities.

  3. The CCC programme influences funders, organisations, and policy makers to support resident-led creativity as a path to sustainable community development, and funds in ways that nurture it.

We are inviting our Creative West End community and network members to the following workshops to help develop plans for the year ahead.

Workshop 1: CCC Building Local Influence

2.00 – 3.30pm | Wednesday 9th February

In this workshop, we will work to understand what influence your CCC groups want to build locally and regionally. We will guide groups through a process to map who you need to influence, before starting to shape a plan as to how to influence them.

Who is this for: This session will be for anyone involved in CCC projects, but especially for those interested in building more local and regional partnerships. You will also be able to invite any local stakeholders who have been involved in your CCC projects.

Workshop 2: CCC Influencing artists & arts organisations

2.00 – 3.30pm | Wednesday 23rd February

In this workshop, we will invite the artists involved in the CCC programme to explore how CCC has influenced their creative practice. With this workshop we hope to work towards a plan for how we might help other artists co-create with their communities in meaningful ways.

Who is this for: Any artist or creative person involved in the CCC programme – especially those who have changed their practice as a result of CCC.

Workshop 3: CCC Influencing Funding Practice

2.00 – 3.30pm | Wednesday 2nd March

In this workshop, we will look particularly at funding practice and what changes you would like to see made in the wider sector.

Who is this for: This workshop is for anyone in CCC who has experience applying for funding other than CCC.

Each workshop will be a 90 min session tailored to each of the influencing aims. There will be space to share your learning and hopes for the CCC programme – and hopefully get some tools and strategies to take back to your area. Each workshop is open to anyone involved in the CCC programme, but each is designed to appeal for different groups. Feel free to pick and choose or come to them all!

Get in touch if you have any questions or queries:

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