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"Creativity With warm Hearts"

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

As I sat down to write this blog I remembered a quote I'd scribbled down once, allegedly by the Dalai Lama. I say 'allegedly' because I can find no such quote online. So despite not being able to categorically attribute it to the inspirational leader, I will share it anyway: 

" We need to balance our creativity with a warm heart, so we can use it for good" ~ Dalai Lama (maybe)

I like it and feel it's relevant when talking about the wonderful Winter Market in Morecambe's West End last November for which I was the event photographer. Firstly, as Jim mentioned in his blog, it was very very cold so any promotion of warmth is fine by me!

But more importantly I feel the market was a shining example of 'creativity with warm hearts'. 

From the stall-holders, to the organisers and everyone who visited, the creativity and community spirit was in motion via conversations, laughter, home-baked cakes, lovingly made products, artistic creations, sensational scents and beautiful music. As an event photographer, I often encounter reluctance when I asked people if I can take their photo. On this occasion, everyone I met was happy to be photographed and proud of their involvement.   

Even in this small corner of the West End, I was never short of things to photograph during this event.

I love people and always aim to capture spontaneous interactions and activity. I particularly loved the small pooch who loved posing and the ladies exiting the fabulous horse-box sauna. I enjoyed chatting with the Polish members of our community too, about their food and traditional Christmas crafts. 

The night-time event was more challenging from a photography perspective due to the low-light and not wanting to disturb the atmosphere by using lots of flash. However, there is always something extra special about events at night and the immersive nature of darkness. Fairy lights and candles were scattered around and there was a definite winter feel to the market at night. Between those who had ventured out in the cold and dark, there was a certain comradery. 

I understand that there are plans for more markets which is great news for people of the West End, as well as those who come from further afield to share in our 'warm-hearted creativity'. 

If you're in need of a photographer for family sessions, headshots and other business photography or other portraiture projects please get in touch via (you can find me on Instagram and Facebook too)

Blog By Ginny Koppenhol

Ginny is a photographer with many talents across the arts from stop-motion animation, DJ-ing, workshop facilitation and much more that we're sure we are yet to discover! Photo of Ginny wearing Costa Del Morecambe sweater by Morecambe artist - insta: @harryclaytonmills

Thanks for sharing with us Ginny and capturing theses memories of the market so beautifully.

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