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When PrintClub began in earnest a few weeks ago we began by making homemade sketch books. Those who took part learnt how to make a concertina book which is ideal for collecting ideas for print as well as showcasing your work. The concertina opens out to display the contents which means it can potentially be displayed at an exhibition but equally it closes up into a pocket size book making it as private as you want it to be. Everyone who expressed an interest received a box in the post containing materials to get them started with bookmaking and print. As well as creating a book we also made simple put effective stamps using card, foam and recycled materials. Besides working with group I also tested out the workshop on three socially engaged artists, Rosie Tacon-Glass, Kate Eggleston Wirtz and Boz Phillips. Everyone enjoyed the activity and I am confident there will be more concertina books.

Bev Liver Kasia Tatys

Han Fleet

I am encouraging people to make a sketchbook and gather ideas for printmaking from their local environment, particularly the West End of Morecambe. I wanted to take everyone out for a sketchbook walk but Covid restrictions made that difficult. As a result we may have to do the walk at the end of the project rather than at the beginning. I love working with this creative group and am looking forward to meeting everyone for real rather than being restricted to Zoom. Oddly Zoom isn’t all bad for delivering workshops - it has its merits. Sometimes there is an advantage to being able to create artwork in your own home, especially in winter when you’re in semi hibernation mode. Working on Zoom is still something I am learning to get the hang of, I don’t mind as it’s an interesting challenge - just looking forward to it not being the only way of meeting people.

Look at all the great sketchbooks:

Kate Eggleston Wirtz Rosie Tacon Glass

Boz Philips

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