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To help encourage people who wanted to try DIY PrintClub I created some DIY PrintClub boxes that made the whole process easier. In theory this is a very Lockdown Friendly course as I try and ensure that everything used for printmaking can be bought at an 'essential shop' such as a DIY shop or supermarket. I managed this by about 95%.

Kitchen lithography fits the bill perfectly. Gum Arabic transfer should be possible in theory as gum arabic is a common food additive, not so common as it used to be however so I ordered some online and made sure there was a little sample included alongside everything else. Anyway here is a picture of some of the boxes ready for delivery.

Both Kitchen Lithography are magical process where a little bit of science and alchemy results in surprising and interesting results for anyone new to the process. I am still surprised and interested by it despite having tried it many times!

Blog By julia swarbrick

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