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Gilbert's Legacy

Our lovely, happy sign-writing squad with results of their creativity!

Our community was given yet another wonderful opportunity to sample

the skills and talents of our local creatives! Hosted in the Good Things

Studio situated in the Arndale centre here in Morecambe.

Bob Pickersgill was our host for the sessions and gave to a strong

attendance, the chance to sample the very palatable world of

sign-writing. Armed with paint, humour and luckily for me, endless

patience and a two – part workshop that brought people ageing from 7

up. I decided to go along and see what was on offer.

Bob, and experienced sign-writer covering an incredible period of 60

years has been using his skills to work on projects that amongst others

the lettering and lining of a locomotive named Raveningham Hall .

Bob, who lives in Morecambe has a dream to return Yorkshire street,

the former shopping hub of our community in the West End

back to its former glorious self and transform using his skills and

expertise gathered from his decades in the sign-writing industry.

The first session of the workshops saw us practising with paint on using

Lettering cut-outs sourced from discarded shop signs were our canvas

for practising.

Using paintbrushes, words of wisdom and much optimism I did my best

not to go over the lines! Bob made it look a lot easier than it actually

was and his demonstrations were testament to the skills involved in


The second instalment of the workshop saw us really challenged.

Working with a blank slate many faces, scrunched with concentration

painted their own lettering! It was a great opportunity to put into

practise all that Bob had taught us about font and style technique .

There were some incredible results and a lot of talented people!

The second session of the workshops also brought an amazing historical


Bob arrived with an incredible book that contained some awesome

historical information that connects sign-writing to our amazing

creative West end!

What we know and love as More Music, the musical hub of

Morecambe, used to be the Devonshire School of Lettering here in the

West end. More interestingly is this book was published on West

Street where our wonderful Creative Exchange resides. It’s very

exciting to know that our creative community has been alive and

kicking for decades!

Below are a couple of excerpts from the incredible book that Bob found

on the internet.

The workshop was a lovely glimpse into the sign-writing scene and

despite it being much harder than Bob made it look it was enjoyed by

all who came. Thank you to Bob for sharing his time and skills and for

making it a really fun experience!

I personally would love to try this workshop again!.

Blog By Carmen scott

Carmen Scott is a multi-talented creative working with collage, photography, writing and anything else she gets her hands on. She moved to Morecambe around 2 years ago where she has enjoyed being part of the creative community which has spurred on her creativity and interests.

She has a showcase exhibition and workshop of her collage work opening on Sat 14th March at You can follow her on instagram: photo_joy1

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