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How an Atom-of-an-Idea became a Giant Hive Mind Map….

Being part of the Good Things Collective is quite often like being in a big, happy-future generator, fuelled by love - where you can feed in a random idea, and it gets developed into a reality!

This is the tale of how this idea became a thing… and how I stopped my nerves from messing it up!

In December 2021, at a Good Things meeting, I said…‘How about a giant collaborative doodle for an xmas party activity?’ The collaborative in-person party with Creative West End was sadly canceled by covid but the atom-of-an-idea floated about for a bit. Some people liked it, so a suggestion was made that it happen at the January Creative West End Meeting instead.

I had made a few things like this before…

Image 1: previous artwork by Charlotte Done

The meeting agenda was to produce a programme of Inspiration and Learning Events, to spark ideas, connect the network with key artists to learn from, and to get excited about, and imagine a brilliant future!

My next job was to understand how these meetings worked. Having never been to one before, I was a bit panic sticken, alongside my normal terror of talking in groups.

Initially the idea was for the giant doodle map to be part of a brainstorming activity where everyone would help to draw the meeting with their ideas for the future, happy memories and doodles of themselves.

As the planning for the meeting evolved over chats with Beki and Steve, other aspects were added, and I drew a diagram of how I thought it might work.

Image 2: Ipad Drawing.

But things changed ( Omircrom came along ) and so the meeting took place online.

I gave a brief intro about mind maps, and how useful they are, I’m sure everyone knew that! But I gave myself a big gold star sticker for speaking…it wasn’t so painful.

With Beki's help, we gathering all the info needed.

After the meeting and over a weekend, I made this one with some old bits of paper / wallpaper. But I was not completely happy, so I made changes.

Image 3: 1st Giant Map

And I cut out some brighter coloured circles from the left over screen prints I made for the Collaboration Art project last year!

Image 4: 2nd Giant Map

Image 5: Finished Giant Map

I also made a version using illustrator - hopefully you can zoom in to find out everything you need to know about the exciting things that evolve from the C.W.E. meeting…

What happened at the meeting?

When was it?

What was the meeting all about?

Who collaborates within Creative West End?

What are the projects that they have helped and supported so far?

Who came to the meeting?

What were their favorite C.W.E. bits so far?

Who would be inspirational if they were invited to Morecambe to share their stories / skills / knowledge?

What exciting events lie ahead for the future?

Image 6: Vector Map

Thank you for reading this, I really hope it was interesting/informative?


Since the meeting the following trips have been organised and we'd love for you to come along and join the Creative West End community.


BLOG by Charlotte Done

Creator of these maps and other Illustrations. | instagram

And also…

These defunct things… Art School Lancaster, The Radish, Fern&Olive Vegetarian Kitchen, Strange Bird Designs, The Fat Olive Cafe.

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