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How we make things happen

Creative West End is an open, community rooted network of local people and organisations committed to working together for the benefit of the community. We were awarded a grant and a place on the Creative Civic Change programme in May 2019 after almost a year of work together building relationships, trust, running workshops, gathering consultation and shaping a vision through lots of volunteer hours. We want to invest in a future that brings people together and builds a sense of community, that ensures our collective efforts live on beyond the life of the funding programme.

Creative West End is 1 of 14 areas nationally from over 250 applications that submitted a successful application. The grant must be spent and delivered in line with our plan and the budget is overseen by our locally trusted organisation; Lancaster CVS. The key areas we have proudly funded to date are the Creative West End Markets, Creative Projects, the Creative West End Network and a contribution is allocated towards the redevelopment of a creative community hub, on Regent Road.

As we head into our last year of the programme there will be opportunities for active network members to seek funding to develop their own projects through the network and participate in collective decision making when buying services and things for the market operations and inspiration and learning sessions for example. We have co-developed a brief for a creative storage container and shelter for community gatherings and performances that we will develop as a network also.

As with all formal processes for grants, any offers of financial support for a project will always be made in writing, and then followed up with a detailed contract from LDCVS following completing their own diligence checks. As a matter of course, we also make sure people aren't out of pocket, so usually any upfront costs can be issued in advance, and the remainder paid on successful completion of the project. We do everything we can to make this as open and accessible as an opportunity for anyone that wants to step up, but we have to follow our obligations and procedures as it’s public money. We would always advise anyone that doesn't have a contract to make sure this is in place before delivering a project or making any commitments yourself.

The Creative West End network is open!

Anyone that lives, works or wants to connect with Creative West End who shares our values of inclusion, kindness, creativity and collaboration is welcome. We run regular network events that usually run monthly (online over Covid) and in person when safe to do so. This is about building an active, supportive community network that makes things happen.

You can join the network here.

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