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Introducing my new partner businesses

Hello here from Kohr. I want to introduce you to my partner brand Conscious Businesses! As you all know I founded my own business in June 2020 and with that has come a lot of different obstacles I had to overcome. I created Conscious Businesses to help new business start-ups with marketing tips, free business advertising and sustainable business tips. The community of small businesses I have created so far has been amazing, and I want you to join me!

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram @consciousbusinesses

Here’s some of my favourite small business tips:

  • Nothing happens overnight. Even with all the marketing hacks in the world it takes time for all of your seeds to grow. So, trust that all the work you are putting in now will pay off in the end!

  • Your businesses unique selling point is YOU! Show off your personality to your customers, people will buy into you as much as they will your products!

  • You didn’t come this far, just to come this far! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

With Conscious Businesses I have just launched our Social Media Content planner.

Planning content for social media on the go can be difficult, time consuming and not well thought out. This content planner has been designed to plan your social media content for a whole month all in one go and in one place! This easy marketing hack means you can quickly create content you know your followers will love, aligns with your brand values and keeps up with trends! This content planner is also a great way to see your posts altogether. It is important for your feed to look uniform and match with your branding! This way if an image isn’t working within the feed you can swap it out before posting!

You can use this content planner for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! I created something very similar to this one for my business KOHR using Indesign and it helped my stay on top of my content! So, I wanted to create something more user friendly to help everyone else!

I will be launching an Instagram Basics guide to help anyone who doesn’t quite know Instagram well enough but knows how important it is for their business! Follow us on Social Media to stay updated!

Blog By Amy Joanne Kohl

Amy Joanne Kohl is the founder of KOHR a sustainable slow fashion brand. Amy is a Fashion Designer with a vision for a better industry.

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