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It's More Than A Christmas market

Poem by Amy Bee - The Nib Crib

It’s more than a Christmas Market,

It’s belonging.

It’s an elbow bash,

A laugh

At how much cash

It’s cost you when you just came

Into browse.

It’s that smile,

That soup,

That mince pie.

That opportunity to meet

With friends both new and old.

It’s a warmth, not from the cold

Outside, but in me.

I’m welcome here

Amy Bee

The Nib Crib

Joke by Amy Bee - The Nib Crib What do you call 400 travelling Saints for sale??

...A Chris-mass market...

What do you call it when 100 more travelling Saints show up??

....A More-came Chris-mass market..

Photography by Robin Zahler

BLOG by Amy Bee - The Nib Crib

Amy Bee - A recent addition to the local writing community. An award winning comic, aspiring whistler and baker.

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