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KOHR: The person behind the brand

Updated: Sep 16, 2020


We are a Slow Fashion brand creating timeless, core pieces. We believe KOHR is a credible, sustainable alternative to Fast Fashion. At KOHR we have three main focuses to ensure we are sustainably innovative: longevity, versatility and traceability.  

Firstly, we believe the most sustainable way to shop is with longevity. We make sure our products have longevity by handmaking your clothes to order. Your clothes need care and precision to allow them to last longer, as mass-producing lessens the quality. As well as making sure the quality is at a high standard, we design using macro trends, which can last up to 10 years, meaning they will not be going out of fashion any time soon. We do this by sticking to a simple colour palette and timeless, staple silhouettes. Longevity is also down to the materials we have chosen. For example, Organic Cotton is produced without pesticides or harsh chemicals, and so the staple fibres are longer than conventional cotton, bettering the fabric’s quality.  

Versatility is KOHR’s second focus, although no less important. Each piece of clothing is made to be worn both smart and casually and they are also seasonless due to following macro trends (trends that last up to 10 years). Our Blazer, Shacket and Tank all have several different ways to wear them, making them very versatile pieces of clothing. Our Shacket for example can be worn as a Shirt and a Jacket, either buttoned up, un-buttoned, tied, or not tied. These small changes transform the way the Shacket looks, meaning you can get lots of different wears out of one piece of clothing!

KOHR is launching with a capsule collection. What is a capsule collection you may ask? It is a few essential pieces of clothing that do not go out of fashion but remain seasonless and timeless. It consists of core neutral colours that can be dressed up or down. A capsule collection is the foundation of your wardrobe. This collection allows you to mix and match creating 20+ outfits out of 7 pieces of clothing.

Lastly, traceability is probably one of the most important ones of them all and one that many fast fashion brands cannot compete with. We are able to trace at least 90% of our fabrics, all the way down the supply chain, to where and who it was manufactured by. All of our fabric suppliers pay their staff a fair, living wage (kind of sad we have to mention that as if this wouldn’t be standard practice). 95% of the product’s environmental impact is due to the materials, that’s why at KOHR our main goal is to find fabrics that are a sustainable alternative and less destructive to the environment. At least 90% of our fabrics are organically produced and the last 10% or so use a better, more sustainable manufacturing process than the conventional material. Most of the manufacturing processes are done in a closed loop system, where any chemicals or water that is used is recycled and used again!

Overall, KOHR’s main aim is to be honest. We are not 100% sustainable, but no one is! We are in this journey with you. We are constantly exploring ways to do things better; we will probably make mistakes and we will certainly pick ourselves back up from them. But in all honesty, we are learning just like everyone else and not everyone’s sustainable journey is the same, as there are so many ways to be sustainable conscious consumers. So keep doing You, make better choices every day and take one step at a time; as a community we will make this planet a better, safer place!


It is vital that we learn how to be conscious consumers to save our planet. So, I'm going to hit you with some statistics...

The fashion industry accounts for 10% of all global carbon emissions - which is more than all international flights and maritime shipping!

The average British or European person now buys 60% more items of clothing and keeps them for about half as long as they did 15 years ago.

In the UK alone, 2 million tonnes of clothing are thrown away each year and only 16% of that waste is reused.

Shocking, right?

However, we are seeing a huge awakening in conscious consumers - people adopting sustainable habits and altering their ethos.

We as consumers have the ability to vote with our money. I think we need to realise how much control we have - it's called 'consumer demand'. Someone once said, if everybody in the UK stopped buying one specific brand of toothpaste [for example], within the week it'd be gone.

I want to mention not all of fashion is bad. Fast Fashion is the destructive sector of the industry, where brands sell clothes cheap enough to throw away. Just think about that for a second, because that's insane. We are creating a disposable fashion trend which is killing the planet. Nature is our only home, and we are destroying it.

It is no secret that sustainable products come at a higher cost, this is due to the fact garment workers are paid a living wage, raw materials don't use harmful chemicals, therefore aren't grown at unnatural rates and the quality of the fabric and construction is a lot higher, as they are expected to last throughout trends.

But sustainability helps reduce the cost in the long run, to you and to the environment - it's an investment.

We are the first generation to understand climate change and the last generation to do anything about it - Dilys Williams (Director of the Centre of Sustainability)

Say NO to Fast Fashion and YES to Slow Fashion!

Make sure you check out our website to keep updated when the new collection launches! 

Amy xoxo

Blog By Amy Joanne Kohl

Amy Joanne Kohl is the founder of KOHR a sustainable slow fashion brand. Amy is a Fashion Designer with a vision for a better industry.

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