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Photography commission

From April – September 2023

Creative West End work with and engage with our community through creative projects, a

locally run market and other events to find out what matters to people, and work with our network to develop ideas in these areas.

We are looking for a local photographer to document our journey through the summer of 2023 from April – September.

Fee £1000

Anticipated time commitment for April - September

Markets 15 hours (2.5 hours per market)

Network parties 6 hours (one hour per network party)

Each market will showcase local makers and creatives and each network party will have a series of activities in which the group will participate.

Key dates are:

Upcoming Markets taking place on the second Saturday of the month at West End Gardens (Morecambe Prom), running from 11am - 4pm.

Saturdays 13 May | 10 June | 8 July | 12 Aug | 9 Sep 2023

Upcoming Network Events

Come along and enjoy some food together from 6.30pm, and then, from 7pm, there will be sign painting with Molly Bland and a stall holder session with Frances and Jo. We will also be working together to decide the first of our micro-commissions!

Creative West End Network Parties

All 6.30pm - 9pm at More Music

Wednesdays 12 April | 17 May | 14 June | 12 July | 16 Aug 2023

To apply please email by Mon 17 April at 10am telling us about your photography experience and with a link to examples of your work.

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