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Support small businesses this Christmas!

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that we rely on the internet a lot! It’s not even necessarily a bad thing. We have a plethora of unique small businesses right at our fingertips, so let’s utilise it! We don’t need to fund the Jeff Bezos (Owner of Amazon) of the world anymore do we?

Reasons to shop small:

You get something truly unique!

Most small businesses are ‘handmade’ or ‘made to order’, so you’re getting something unique and special every single time. You probably won’t walk into someone’s house and find the same cool vase you just bought! It’s a personal experience, the product is being made for you, and you only!

When you order, you make the owner of the brand get up and do a dance!!

So, I’m pretty sure Jeff Bezo doesn’t get up and does a jig every time he gets an order (he’d be jigging 24/7). How nice is it to know you have made someone’s day and you’re getting an amazing product in return?

If you buy local, you circulate the economy in your local area!

Buying local means your money goes straight back into your local economy! What a great way to boost your community.

It’s good for the environment!

As I mentioned small businesses usually are ‘handmade’ or ‘made to order’. That means they work on a very small scale in comparison to some larger businesses. This reduces stock going to waste and ending up in landfill which destroys our planet. Small businesses also tend to use materials sourced from their local area or second-hand products that they bring back to life! So, every purchase you make with a small business is one step closer to a better environment.

Better customer service

Every single customer matters to a small business owner, they only want you to have the best shopping experience. So, if there are any issues then you will get to talk to a real person and get a more hands-on experience!

Did you know you can support your local businesses for free?! Here’s how:

Like, share, save, repost their social media posts!!! This is such a simple way to show support and it doesn’t cost you a penny. The more engagement a brand gets on social media, tells Instagram people are interested, so the content will get shown to new audiences!! You could be the reason your favourite local brand gets new customers through social media – how amazing is that!

Blog By Amy Joanne Kohl

Amy Joanne Kohl is the founder of KOHR a sustainable slow fashion brand. Amy is a Fashion Designer with a vision for a better industry.

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