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The December rain fell

Poem by Voirrey A. Wild

Photography by Robin Zahler

The December rain fell,

Like Stands of silver tinsel

and the wind whistled through the West End

The winter market offered colour and warmth

and we hoped that many would attend

Hot soup,crusty buttered bread and a warm brew

Were available to warm us through

Smiling faces welcomed us

As we left the cold outside

Colourful displays held our attention

A feast for your eyes

There were handmade gifts

So varied

It was difficult to choose

Christmas gifts for all occasions

It really was a festive haven

Rainbow coloured mandalas

Recycled and reclaimed

Another stall with coasters on

And plant pots did the same

The Creative West End Magic

Really showed at every stall

And the musical Entertainment

Had us thoroughly enthralled

You could try your hand at printing

and many had a go

The book exchange had lovely chats

And plenty found a home

The hope is we inspired you

And cheered your afternoon

And that we too,can welcome you

To more things like this soon

by Voirrey A Wild - The Nib Crib

Poem by Voirrey A Wild

Voirrey plays a big roll in the local amateur dramatics and writing community. She has won competitions for short stories for newspapers and radio.

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