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The secret diary of a Market cat

But then on this cold Friday morning just as I was getting off to sleep, a white van appeared.

Then a flurry of people and cardboard, and lots of people moving about.

A purple tent appeared.

I thought it may be a good place for a nap, so I investigated and I saw the strangest sight.

It seemed to be that a magical forest was being built inside a tent.

Not something us West End cats are really used to.

As the day progressed other things appeared, cakes with piles of swirly icing. I tried to paw at one but the lady was quick. Sa

usages delicious and something spicy in the air maybe Mexican?

The best part came later in a trolley, now I didn't think the humans would manage but they did. It was a kind of BBQ for humans they called it a sauna.

People seemed to enjoy it there was laughter and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

It created a magical atmosphere along side tables with candles and winter greenery.

Red and purple tents where in stripy rows.

With lit up frosty points at the top.

And red and white decorations.

I was a proud cat those 2 days it really improved the aesthetic of my surroundings.

The tents has lots of activity and things going on; pictures, knitted things, and a machine that pressed plastic into a shape.

Games and I think I mentioned the cake..... oh the cake....

But I don't think I mentioned the best part.

Along with sounds of laughter and merriment.

There was the most beautiful music.

Sometimes big groups sang.

Other times there were musicians.

It added to the feel and it made me feel so relaxed.

People were dancing and I felt that in that place worries seemed far away.

The next day they came back I decided that day I would encounter the forest.

It was a magical place like I had

stepped into a portal and was in another dimension of space and time.

I wandered through lights and sounds gathered but then.....

A beautiful snow queen.

She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen.

Sadly sometime later as I was just tucking into a burrito someone left behind.

They started to disappear.

Through the darkness I could see figures moving and things being loaded up in the same van where it all began.

I was sad then but so thankful for the sights and sounds they provided and the smells it was a 4D experience.

I hope that one day they will return..... 

Blog By Emma wareing

Emma is mixed media and textile artist. She is a member of the Creative West End partnership volunteering her time to the project. In addition she was commissioned as the market coordinator bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise helping Creative West End make magical, beautiful markets - that you will know if you have been are much More Than A Market! She also runs The Re-Store where you can buy locally made art and craft.

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