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We're making a mural

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

We're making a mural with Ciaran Globel and frequent collaborator Conzo.

This builds on the many signwriting based projects that have emerged throughout the Creative West End project and a longstanding interest in seeing more public art in Morecambe. This mural will conclude the Let’s Paint Morecambe / Gilbert Legacy project and additionally mark the end of the Creative Civic Change programme. We see this as a legacy piece to celebrate the shared creative achievements over the last 4 years of Creative West End and also as a symbol of hope and aspiration in marking the next chapter and future of Creative West End.

You can watch the Let's Paint Morecambe project video by Ciaran here >

Slides from Ciaran's artist talk in November 2022 with Creative West End network members:

Morecambe’s heritage, spirit of its people and the natural beauty of the area are both frequent and popular topics of conversation and idea generation; the final mural design seeks to capture and incorporate local stories and memories to develop the finished wall.

We hope to create a humorous, uplifting and celebratory mural - reflecting real stories, ideas and memories of the excitement, simple pleasures, smiles and joy that Creative West End has helped make happen over the last few years.

The Gilbert Legacy previously discussed a mural idea to create a wall of ‘souvenirs’ (both real and imagined) based on thoughts, memories and stories of local people, but are ultimately open to the creative process and conversations that happen along the way.

If you feel inspired you can download the mural sheet below and email your ideas to

CWE Mural sheet -01
Download PDF • 9.72MB

We ran a workshop at the Creative West End Winter Market hosting discussions and drawing activities to gather ideas and input for the mural creation:

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