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Zuppa Theatre – This is Nowhere

by Steve Fairclough

Being freelance, I have a real variety of creative work. I mainly work in Arts, Heritage, Education and Health areas, sometime these cross over which is great, sometimes it’s very specific work, set perhaps in a specific place…like Morecambe.

Last year I got a whole lot of connections… through my role with Good Things Collective and my long-standing working relationship with Lancaster Arts, I was lucky enough to support Zuppa on their Research and Development visit to Morecambe. This year they are back again to really start to structure their show and also to nail down some of their actors!

For me, I’m in the mix again and working with them on finding the right locations and the right groups to find their actors. They are looking for a host of different performers and have an eye on a varied age range, but also, they are interested in people who have perhaps never acted before. So, you don’t have to have had lots of experience and an acting CV as long as your arm, you just have to be keen and committed!

Zuppa are holding auditions next week – 13 th and 14 th June in Morecambe at More Music.

Please follow the link here for more information - Auditions! We're seeking 25+ People


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