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Proposal guidelines

We do not currently have any live opportunities but we welcome you to join our network...

Creative West End is NOT a funder. We are a voluntary, community-run group of residents, artists and creative organisations; working together for community benefit.  

Our Mission:

We will use kindness and creativity to widen the opportunities that are available locally through inclusive, sustainable and meaningful projects that enhance people’s lives. Our programme delivery will have both creativity and our community at its heart.  

Our Values:

Respect, Fairness, Kindness, Integrity, Collaboration, Inclusion and Sustainability.  

You can download a printable PDF version of the full guidance including the application form using the button below.

PLEASE NOTE: Our systems, policies and procedures are subject to a review period and may change.



Top Tips

Is my idea Creative?

The must be a creative element to your idea - our project is about how we can use creativity to add value to our community.  


Is it Community Led?

How have you involved residents in coming up with this idea?  How will they be involved in the project? We will score proposals higher for working with the community rather than ‘in aid of’.  

Your project is welcome to involve other partners too but we want local people to have a say and a stake in the activities that we fund.


Does it have a Clear Purpose?

We need to know why this project is important.  Your project might have lots of benefits, that’s ok.  As long as it’s clear.  


For example:

“We want the West End to be known as a fun place to live and to visit - we plan to improve practical skills, individuals confidence and pride in the area by working with 12 local residents to design and make 6 new street games for use in public spaces around the West End.  Lots more people will have fun with the games after the project has finished!”

Am i eligible?

If you share our vision and values, are excited about working with our wonderful West End community and have the skills to do the work then yes.  In some cases we might ask local organisations to support applicants with their project, especially if you’re new to this sort of thing.


Application under £1000 - Will be quicker (under 2 months for a decision) and will need to have addressed points 1 - 6 of our scoring criteria.  


Applications over £1000 - will need to respond to points 1-8 of our criteria.  If you meet the criteria, we’ll meet with you before making a decision . This is to help us get to know you & think about how we can work together.  But also identify any support that you might find useful. Applications for over £1000 can expect a decision within 3 months.

Applications over £2500 - Are as above addressing points 1 - 12 of our criteria.  Due to the larger amount of funding required we will expect applicants to have match funding, a tangible legacy or realistic plans to become a self-sustainable / long lasting project.  If we’re putting in this much support, we want it to last.


There are some other things to think about, mainly the following:


Insurance - Public liability insurance as a minimum - in some cases employers liability and product liability might be required. Artist insurance might be sufficient for creative projects. 


Policies - It is important we keep people and their information safe so we expect organisations to have appropriate GDPR, Health & safety, Equality & Diversity and Safeguarding policies as the basics - including DBS checks if needed.  If you’re applying as an individual or unconstituted group we will ask you to use ours or buddy you up with a local organisation for support.


Risk Assessments - We will need to see these before any project work commences so we know you’re aware of the risks involved and managing these well.  


Qualifications / Experience (depending on what your idea is…)

You might need to evidence some qualifications so we know you are appropriately skilled to deliver the project you have outlined.  If you don’t have a pilots licence - don’t try to fly a plane!


First we’ll check your idea meets all the required criteria.  We might choose to get in touch at this point if we’re not sure about anything you’ve said.  


If over £1000 we’ll meet with you to talk through things a bit further to get to know you, find out more about how we could collaborate and also to see if you’d benefit from any support with your project.  


Your proposal will if eligible be passed on to the Creative West End Board for a decision.  It will meet bi-monthly to look at applications unless otherwise specified. *If your application is a response to a brief - timeline will be issued relating to that specific call.  


Once a decision is made, our LTO - Lancaster CVS will be in touch with a formal offer letter, and The Exchange CIC will arrange a meeting to co-create our contract.  


All parties benefiting from Creative West End funds will be asked to contribute content for our social media and website, things like photo’s videos and blogs.  This will be part of the contract.  


A Note on Voting: 

In certain circumstances the board might shortlist ideas - and put them to a vote in the network or at a market.  We will always let you know this is happening and your proposal will be anonymous at this point in time. It is likely, we will provide only a short summary of your idea in this event. 


1) Mission & Values: 

Does this proposal align with our purpose & values?


2) Environmental Impact: 

Has this project considered its environmental impact? 


3) Social Impact: 

Does the project have a clear focus for its proposed community benefit?


4) Place: 

Will the project add to the physical, social, or cultural experience of our area - the West End.

Will it have a positive visible impact on the area?


5) Ownership / Community-Led: 

How have they been involved in developing the project?  How will our community be involved?


6) Value for Money? 

Does this project offer good value for money?


7) Learning & Skills: 

Does this project include opportunities for community members to learn and develop new skills?


8) Collaboration and Partnerships:

Has the proposal considered other skills and experience available in the area to strengthen their project and its impact locally? 


9) Experience / Capability: 

Does the applicant have the relevant skills, knowledge and experience to safely & effectively deliver this project?  


10) Sustainability: 

Will the project offer a long term opportunity for community engagement?  


11) Legacy:

What will have changed if we fund this project? Will that impact last longer than the project?


12) Creative West End:

Why do you want to work with us? How do you plan to work with Creative West End to prompt wider community impact? Does or will this project link with or add value to any other elements of our plan?  Market / hub / network

PLEASE NOTE: Our systems, policies and procedures are subject to a review period and may change.

We have prepared a PDF downloadable version of the information above and additional information around the application form including questions for your convenience. You can download it using the button below.

Should you have any further queries or questions please contact the Project Co-ordinator:




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