rainbow motion

by Ginny Koppenhol

I love to promote playful creativity and having a go at things an audience may not have tried before. Stop motion animation is an ideal activity for anyone of any age or artistic experience to try! The skills are very easy to learn but the creative possibilities are endless. I have created a 30-minute tuition video, teaching animation using a free app called Stop Motion Studio. Following the video, participants are invited to create a short film on the theme of ‘rainbows’ as this colourful symbol has become an enduring symbol of lockdown, and more importantly positivity and community.

I invite people to send me their films via email and they will have a few weeks to do so. I will then collate the videos to create one uplifting compilation showcasing our community’s creative spirit, which can be shared widely online.  

This project is for anyone who'd like to have a go at animation! You will need to download the free version of the Stop Motion Studio app and then keep an eye out for my animation tutorial video on the Creative West End's social media pages, from mid-July. Once you get the hang of the skills (which won't take long), create a short film on a rainbow theme. Send your creation to me via email by the 14th August. I will collate all submissions into one fabulous film which will then be shared online for all to enjoy. 


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