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rainbow motion

by Ginny Koppenhol

I love to promote playful creativity and having a go at things an audience may not have tried before. Stop motion animation is an ideal activity for anyone of any age or artistic experience to try! The skills are very easy to learn but the creative possibilities are endless. I have created a 30-minute tuition video, teaching animation using a free app called Stop Motion Studio. Following the video, participants are invited to create a short film on the theme of ‘rainbows’ as this colourful symbol has become an enduring symbol of lockdown, and more importantly positivity and community.

People were invited to to send their films via email over a 4 week period which were then collated into one uplifting compilation showcasing our community’s creative spirit and shared online. You can view the finished film here.

The tutorial will live on! So you can access and learn stop motion animation whenever you feel like!
You will need to download the free version of the Stop Motion Studio app.


Contact details:

Instagram: @ginnykopp

Facebook: @ginnykoppenholphotos/

Stop Motion


Ginny has created this purpose made tutorial to help you learn the skills to start making your very own Stop Motion animations at home.

You will need to download the free Stop Motion Studio app.

Rainbow Motion Community Film:

As I sit here and mull over what to write about this small project of mine, I notice a sun-faded tissue paper rainbow out of the corner of my eye. I feel a bit emotional as I look at it. I made it with my two young children at the start of lockdown. Many people created vibrant rainbows using all manner of materials, to display in their windows with the sole purpose of spreading a bit of joy and reminding each other (especially children) that we are part of a community during this challenging time. What a wonderfully simple and powerful idea!

So when I spotted the Creative West End's virtual project call-out, I knew immediately that I wanted to encourage creativity using this enduring symbol of lockdown. For this project I decided to challenge people to create a rainbow-inspired stop motion animation and send it to me, so I could put them together as another expression of 'community creativity'. 

My tutorial video on Facebook received over 900 views - a fantastic response! Films were initially slow to come in but lockdown was easing and people were keen to get out and about, so I resigned myself to the fact that I may only get a couple of animations sent to me. However slowly but surely they arrived in my inbox, each one different from the last. It was lovely to be able to create an animation with my 6-year old daughter too, who has discovered a love of making stop motion films. 

Enjoy the compilation of joyful animated films and if you're inspired by what you see, you can still check out the video and learn some new skills.

Community Film
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