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Morecambe Agora Project Updates

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Welcome to our Morecambe Agora project update page.

We'll keep this updated as the group and project evolves to document and share our journey along the way.

This is an open and welcoming group for all those that want to take part in developing ideas, reflect, think, collaborate and work towards creating public art that aims to bring the community together, create connection, and unity and bring joy to those who experience it.

The project is in a stage of research and development where we’re exploring what an ‘agora’ might be and getting to grips as a group with how we work together, supported and guided by our critical friend and artist Heather Peak Morison.

What happens and what will be is very much on us as a group and our will, efforts and input to make things happen.

We’ve talked about pop-up, virtual, mobile, semi-permanent and permanent structures. And testing and doing some workshops at the markets to get wider community involvement, input and support.

Heather has stressed the amount of time-making projects like this happen takes and how important research is in the process which usually takes at least 6 months.

We have a 'whats app' group for sharing ideas, and inspiration and for keeping in touch.

You can connect with other members via the Creative West End Network Page or email for more info.

Morecambe Agora - Work in Progress


Project Dates:


Expressions of interest open for 'People and Places' themed projects: For more info and to apply:

UPCOMING: Thursday 25th August - 11 am-1 pm | In-Person Meeting at Good Things Studio, Arndale Morecambe Bay

  1. Wednesday 27th July - Neighbourhood Walk

  2. Mon 27th June - Online project gathering 12.30pm - 2.30pm on zoom

  3. Mon 13th June - Online project gathering Interactive map of alleyways by Jessie Holmes for the group to upload photos to.

  4. April 2022 - Creative West End Visit to RV Furor Scribendi

  5. February 2022 - Creative West End visit to meet Heather at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

  6. September 2020 - Creative West End Inspiration and Learning Session with Heather Peak Morison

Our Agora Inspiration Gallery:

West End Group Photos:

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