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The Gilbert Legacy

The Gilbert Legacy is a volunteer run community group interested in learning new skills in signwriting. In the longterm the group hopes to brighten the local area with vibrant artwork. Creative West End has supported The Gilbert Legacy by funding and organising typography and signwriting workshops at its West End markets. These workshops have included an 'An Introduction to Sign Writing Workshop'.  with local signwriter Bob Pickersgill – well known for his Morecambe murals and shop signs.


Over the course of the pandemic, the voluntary community group has developed the 'Let's paint Morecambe' video series with Glasgow based mural artist and signwriter Ciaran Globel. These videos will enable the group to extend its signwriting skills as well as encourage more people to try signwriting from the comfort of their homes. When it is safe to do so, the group hopes that all those keen to join in will meet in person and paint together again.

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Join Ciaran Globel online for the video tutorial a ‘BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO SIGNPAINTING’. You will learn the basic skills to get started and begin practising at home. Whether you wish to learn the craft as a way to enjoy your spare time or you have an idea for a DIY project or gift. We hope you will have many happy hours of painting!

Video 2 is coming soon where you’ll learn some extra techniques and tips on how to make a sign of your own.

download the painter's handbook:
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Let's paint Morecambe

Do you want to be part of a growing group of community signpainters?
Join zoom sessions with Ciaran, share tips, tricks and projects whilst learning together.

We have a number of FREE starter kits for West End residents funded by Creative West End. We are also delighted to offer these starter kits at a discount for everyone else. These kits will give people access to some of the best materials available when starting out. Everyone from anywhere is welcome to join in and learn with us as we embark on our signwriting journey! 

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